TicketSwap Staff Recommends: 9 of the Best Pride anthems

Hold on tight, things are going to get glittery…

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HOT TO GO! - Chappell Roan

I love Chappell Roan’s story and I can really see myself in her. She's not afraid to be herself and represent the queer community. She has a beautiful voice and she makes ballads that touch your heart, but also club bangers that you want to dance to all night long. 

- Nicole Manzo See Chappell Roan live in concert across Europe this summer.

I Feel Love - Donna Summer

If Nicole hadn’t suggested Chappell Roan, I’d also have been in there with Good Luck Babe – the ultimate anti comp-het anthem. 

But second in line most definitely has to be I Feel Love by Donna Summer. My girlfriend’s an aux cord demon, and when we met in the summer of 2020, she’d play it constantly at parties.

Whenever it’s played now, it reminds me of that incredible, endless summer, of falling in love, of coming out to the world, and of how much I owe my confidence in my sexuality to people from incredible rave communities and queer club spaces of London.

- Kate

I Feel Love - Donna Summer (Patrick Cowley Remix)

This is also great - Patrick Cawley's remix of the same track. It's just louder, more percussion. The spotify version is shorter, but the original is 15 minutes long!

- Jane

Hard Being Hot - Miss Bashful & DBBD

Miss Bashful brings together the girls and the gays with her profound insights into the highs and lows of being hot. Plus she puts on an amazing show, slay!

- Souhalia See Miss Bashful this August in Amsterdam at straf_werk festival

Ride Or Die, Pt. 2 by Sevdaliza ft. Tokischa & Villano Antillano

The song holds a special place in my heart for different reasons. I’ve been following Sevdaliza’s musical journey for some years now and I feel like this song represents her artistic evolution and dedication to exploring new musical territories. 

Her collaboration with iconic (!!!) queer artists like Tokischa and Villano Antillano also adds a whole other dimension to the track (there’s different versions of it, but this one is my fav for that reason). The song was clearly made for the girls, the gays, and the theys. It makes me feel especially powerful.

- Yaseemin See Sevdaliza live at Colours of Ostrava festival, Czechia, this July.

Désenchantée by Mylène Farmer  

Mylène Farmer is a UFO. She was the idol of my best friend's father, a man of 50 years old. Then I discovered that she was also the idol of some queer people around me. How can she be the link between these two worlds?!

She sings “Tout est KO” (everything is down), "génération désenchantée" (disenchanted generation)... The LGBTQI+ community does not believe in the current social system, and prefers to reinvent the rules for a better world. So let's sing it loud!

- Natacha See Mylène Farmer's Nevermore show at Stade de France this September.

Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn

What I love about this song, is that it makes you feel like you can be anything you want. How you see yourself and how you feel, is what you are.

- Gian

Sexy - French Affair

I went to a party hosted by the queer community and used Shazam to get this absolute banger. Italo, sexy, disco!

- Roel

Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat

This track is iconic, dramatic, mysterious, and beautiful. I have cherished memories of dancing my soul out to it, heart to heart, with dear friends.

- Souhalia

Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes

To me, Kylie Minogue is like finding this amazing retro outfit in your closet, that you have forgotten for a while, but that now fits perfectly with your tastes of the moment. In Your Eyes is definitely a stunning sequin bodycon dress!

- Natacha

Disco tits - Tove Lo

I can't help but get nostalgic every time I hear "Disco Tits" by Tove Lo. This track was a staple during my nights out at a vibrant queer venue in Dublin. Those years were all about my queer awakening, discovering who I was, and embracing my true self with confidence and pride.

And let’s be real – "Disco Tits" is an absolute banger. The infectious beat and Tove Lo's unapologetic lyrics make it impossible not to feel seen and sexy on the dance floor.

- Sofia

Honorary inclusion: Venus - Nicole Manzo

TicketSwap’s own Nicole Manzo released this track earlier this year, and it's not a Pride playlist without some homegrown talent! Speaking about the track, Nicole told us:

“It's a love song that you can dance to, feel free and nostalgic to. And for, the visuals I wanted to portray how a romantic queer relationship can feel like.” Discover our Pride Collection to find LGBTQIA+ events near you, from festivals to parties, exhibitions to concerts, now.

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