New feature drop: FanSwap, for “misunderstood” music fans

Forget swapping your music taste – it’s time to swap the friends

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Are you a Swiftie with a squad full of Metallica-heads? A Doja kitten surrounded by Usher lovers?

Turns out, you’re not alone – it’s not uncommon to feel this way. In fact, in pretty much every friendship group there’s that one friend whose music taste sets them apart – whose friends just don’t get their music taste.

And, while variety is the spice of life, this fact can cause complications for those with unexpected music taste, when it comes to convincing your circles to head to live shows together. After all, if you’re a Springsteen diehard in a sea of Olivia Rodrigo stans, who on earth are you going to head to the arena with when he’s in town?

At TicketSwap, we never want to see a fan feeling lonesome. And so, in a bid to tackle the problem of superfans stanning on their own, we’re launching a brand new feature. 

Previously in a beta phase but launching this week, FanSwap is a brand new tool on the TicketSwap platform, aimed at helping fans ditch their former friendship group, and find a brand new circle of future concert buddies – for life.


Introducing: FanSwap

With FanSwap, fans will have the opportunity to apply to join a brand new friendship circle, fine-tuned perfectly to their music tastes, using TicketSwap’s latest patented GenreID™ algorithmic technology. 

Ditch the haters and find a circle that not only shares your go-to playlist, but is are ready to belt out every lyric, at every concert, right alongside you*.


How it works

1. Sign up and link your Spotify

2. Download our FanSwap extension, which algorithmically compares your tastes to others on the platform.

3. Get matched within 12 hours to a brand new friendship group and plan your next concert together!**

“I’m a huge fan of Doja Cat, but my circles tend to prefer EDM, techno, that kind of thing. And that’s how this project started. I’ve already been lucky enough to use the feature in Beta mode, and happy to report I’ve found my clan of Kittenz – I’ll see you at Ziggo Dome in June!

Julie, TicketSwap staff member and in-house beta tester

*FanSwap swaps fans into groups of three or more. Matches are made based on our Vibe Compatibility Score. Participation in FanSwap does not guarantee ticket availability for all group members at every event – but it does guarantee a good time planning for it.
**All placements into new friendship groups are final. No takesies-backsies.

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