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  • Jane Evans, TicketSwap Contributor
  • wo 26 apr 2023
  • Music Industry

The events industry has been hit hard over recent years, with a staggering number of events being canceled or postponed indefinitely.

 As a fan, there’s lots of ways to show up for your favourite artists, venues and organizations, whether it's by buying merchandise, attending shows, or sharing your love for your favourite artists on social media.

But did you know you can also show your support when buying and selling tickets to shows? 

With TicketSwap’s new feature FairShare, fans can invest back into the event industry and support their favourite event organizers to produce incredible events.

The feature, launched this month also ensures that fans have less exposure to fraudulent or overpriced tickets. No more dealing with time wasters and overpriced ticket sellers - it's time for fans to take control and support the events industry in a meaningful way.

What’s FairShare?

Event organizers choose whether to turn on the FairShare feature. This divides the profit on a resold ticket equally between the seller of a ticket and the event organizer. With this, fans support their favorite artists and events and the used ticket market becomes a lot fairer. When FairShare is turned on and fans enter the price of the ticket they want to sell through TicketSwap, they get insight into the distribution of costs and revenues.

How does it protect me, as a fan?

When FairShare is active, the barcode of a purchased ticket is not released until several hours before the event begins. Until then, the buyer can also choose to resell the ticket within this system. This ensures fans that their ticket remains protected until the event begins. Some of your favourite events may be already using this feature, including Rotterdam Rave, Chasing the Hihat, Elevation Events and This is Live Group!

How does it help the music industry?

Think about the last gig you attended. The atmosphere, the crazy light show, and the booming sound system all came together to create an unforgettable experience, right? But have you ever stopped to think about what goes on behind the scenes? The music industry is a complex and expensive business, with many moving parts that all need to come together to make that gig happen. By giving back to the industry, you're not just showing your support – you're helping cover overheads, artist fees, and production costs for future events.

Sziget Party Arena stage

FairShare also removes the incentive for big buyers and bots to snatch up tickets in bulk, leaving more opportunities for fans to score tickets at a fair price. It's a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved, from the venues to the fans. Not only will you be supporting the industry by swapping tickets under FairShare, but you'll also be helping to level the playing field for fans everywhere.

How do I get involved?

Keep an eye out for events using FairShare, and show your support when buying and selling tickets. Any event that’s part of FairShare will say so on the event listing page.

Want to learn more? Get in touch today to join the ethical resale revolution – head to our partners' page.

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